Business Services

MSP Service Tiers

MSP Tier 1: $35/hr - $45/hr

MSP Tier 2: $50/hr - $65/hr

MSP Tier 3: $65/hr - $95/hr

Single Managed Service:

$15 - $150/service/hr

Initial Look Around / Scout: $35/hr

There is an extra charge of $2.50 per device that we manage. This charge covers the cost of additional licenses, remote maintenance, and remote management which is required for each device under our management. We understand that some clients may have a large number of devices, and we are happy to work with you to provide a customized quote based on your specific needs.

Repair Services

Computer Repair: $55/hr

Server Repair: $70/hr

Diagnostic Fee: $30 - $40

Onsite Repair: $75/hr 

Call-out Fee: $35

Cancellation Fee: $50 + hours serviced

The prices listed above are subject to change based on your specific needs and the requirements necessary to fix your computer system(s). Please note that the prices shown reflect the higher end of the pricing table.

What is in the MSP Services?

Generally speaking, the services provided in the Tier 1 of the MSP Service Tiers are the same ones that are provided in Tier 2 and Tier 3. This includes management of networks, computers, servers, IoT devices, VOIP systems, and services.

The reason there are different prices for each Tier is due to larger companies having more complex needs and infrastructure, so the cost of management also increases. The bigger your business or company, the higher the tier generally speaking.

We will send you a chart of how we evaluate what tier your company or business falls under when you contact us in regards to MSP services. 

Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee is a fee that is charged when the computer or server is requested before the completion of work. You will have to pay the cancellation, plus any hours that have already been worked on the device. 

Call-out Fee

The Call-out fee is a fee that is charged when we are called out to a site without a proper appointment (5 days advance). 

Diagnostic Fee

The cost of diagnostics will vary depending on the type of system that is being serviced, age and brand of the system, tools required to diagnose the system, and the OS and OS version.

Other Services

We do a lot more than just MSP and repairs! We also have other services which are bundled in with the MSP plans, but can also be provided as standalone services or combined in a custom plan for you. Here are a few examples, but feel free to contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Backup and Recovery Service

We offer reliable data backup and archiving solutions for your company, ensuring quick recovery in the event of data loss due to ransomware attacks, server failures, accidental deletion, or any unforeseen circumstances. Whether you need to recover a single file or your entire system, we're here to help.

Cloud Management Service

Struggling to manage your cloud environment and keep up with the latest standards? Our cloud management services can help. Our team of experts will handle everything from deployment to maintenance, ensuring improved security, performance, and uptime. With automated monitoring and management tools, you'll also benefit from reduced costs and improved efficiency. We work with a range of cloud providers, ensure the privacy and security of your data, and provide competitive and transparent pricing.

Patch Management Service

Sometimes bugs and vulnerabilities happen, and sometimes we have to update our systems to fix or remove them. While patching a system is simple most of the time, there can sometimes be hiccups, errors, or other forces at play that cause said updates and patches to function incorrectly. Let us manage these patches and updates instead. With a complex networking and computer lab at the ByteBudget LLC office, we are able to simulate how an update will behave in a semi-real world environment. 

Virtualization Management

Virtualization is a complicated subject. To use virtualization is one thing, but to traverse the complicated concepts, designs, and technologies of virtualization and use that information to provide the most optimized virtual machines and containers is another thing. We have professionals who are suited to work on all kinds of virtualization technology such as Xen, KVM, and Windows hypervisors, and even LXC. Leave the complicated parts behind and let us help manage them for you, so you can worry about the things that matter most to your organization.