Residential Services

Repair Services

Computer Repair: $35/hr

Diagnostic Fee: $0 - $30

Onsite Repair: $45/hr 

Call-out Fee: $25

Cancellation Fee: $35 + hours serviced

SOHO Network Install and Configuration: $40/hr

SOHO Network Upgrade: $40/hr

The prices listed above are subject to change based on your specific needs and the requirements necessary to fix your computer system(s). Please note that the prices shown reflect the higher end of the pricing table.

Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee is a fee that is charged when the computer or server is requested before the completion of work. You will have to pay the cancellation, plus any hours that have already been worked on the device. 

Call-out Fee

The Call-out fee is a fee that is charged when we are called out to a site without a proper appointment (5 days advance). 

Diagnostic Fee

The cost of diagnostics will vary depending on the type of system that is being serviced, age and brand of the system, tools required to diagnose the system, and the OS and OS version.

We do way more than just computer repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. We also setup home networks, new computers, printers, IP cameras, and more!! Contact us if you have any questions at